Therefore, when needed a calculator quickly, I grabbed DH s iPhone yesterday

Therefore, when needed a calculator quickly, I grabbed DH s iPhone yesterday

Therefore, yesterday when required a calculator quickly, we grabbed DH s iPhone plus in my hurry swiped appropriate and I also saw on their present utilized apps he previously Kik.

I understand absolutely absolutely nothing about Kik except it is some type or type of meage app, that we believe has already established pre for being utilized anonymously to flirt? (Please please feel free to let me know i am wrong)We both use whatsapp to meage (each other and friends) as phone reception is bad inside our area and it also utilizes wifi. Thus I’m a little confused why he will have Kik also? (and it is perhaps maybe maybe not been mentioned)

Anyway, we seemed straight straight back later on plus it was not here (on present or any symbol). Does an icon be had by it generally?

Therefore, does anyone understand much about it?(Before We have ear bashing on how i will simply speak to him, i simply want to get my head if it is something I need to worry about around it first)

Never used it and on occasion even heard the true name much but that may be since it’s Canadian. A google that is simple search this though: en.wikipedia/wiki/Kik_Meenger

Iv utilized kik when internet dating. Similar to just just just what’s software but to link to individuals you employ a username in place of contact number. Extremely frequently used when internet dating because do not have to offer away your contact number and start to become haled on a regular basis by individuals whenever you find on the market idiots. If he is deleted after that it as he re-adds it i believe everybody else he is chatted to will reload up along with it as mine did that after utilized years back.

Sorry to end up being the bearer of bad news. Best wishes

As littleniki says, it really is a discreet meaging software which read here they can effortlessly switch on and off – blocking individuals will enable him to full cover up anybody who he’s been meaging them when you acceed his phone for example so you couldn’t accidentally find. He could then look them up once more, unblock them and continue chatting. Is their phone left unlocked? You will be rightly dubious.

My better half utilized this application to “chat” to women that are random. He posted their username on a niche site with individuals searching for “sexting” lovers and went after that. If the application is uninstalled most of the meages are deleted however your “connections” stay.

I am not saying it’s this that your DH is utilizing it for. Simply offering my knowledge about it.

Yes as other people have stated. I just ever used this as section of online dating as le risky than whatsapp as you don’t need to offer away your quantity, simply a person title. It is a software you install, so yes it could be an symbol in the phone. Similar to whatsapp inasmuch as you’re able to send photos/videos at no cost. As other people have stated i deleted the application, as soon as we reinstated it months later on all my old chats remained upon it, therefore technically i guess in the event that you actually wished to conceal one thing, you might simply install and uninstall the application as as soon as x

We make use of it in lecture at uni. We make use of it to deliver meages into the lecturer whether it’s an interactive kind cla

It is a software usually employed by individuals having affairs as there’s absolutely no meage path.

I personally use kik. It is simply an app that is meaging. I prefer it to keep in touch with buddies from the web because We do not wish to offer away my telephone number. Nothing at all to do with intercourse chat/affairs etc

Kik is not made to produce bad behavior, but that occurs on anonymous apps.