Chatango is a chat that is basic, with a user interface based around HTML5 and JavaScript.

But, prior to the HTML5/JS software was created, the user interface ended up being created using Flash. This version had one feature that is major. Many users still use the outdated Flash version because this feature is lacking through the version that is new. The feature is a easy overlay, which seems near the cursor once you hover over another individual’s profile photo. This overlay would show information about an individual. Their age, gender, location, and a tiny description would appear right here it to their profile if they added. Along with an enlarged version of these thumbnail.

We was bored stiff one day, and decided to learn how to make a UserScript. I made the decision to try to make my very own overlay for the HTML5 chat, to complete for the one which was not added by the designers (yet, probably).

I really do maybe not claim this script to never be perfect have bugs, and work with every individual’s mini profile. It doesn’t, and also the amount of work required to make sure every mini fits is not also worthwhile, if even feasible, and would create more pests that would have to be fixed. Plus great site in fixing those pests, other stuff shall break. I am going to make tries to improve it over time, but I shall perhaps not take to for perfection, unless We locate a method that is new works perfectly.

We cannot anticipate what users may put on their profile, and I also have always been not sure from what level Chatango filters the profile text. The script will attempt it’s best to remove any (possibly) harmful code from the profile before showing it. If you do find a protection bug with this, PLEASE inform me immediately and so I can get a fix out at the earliest opportunity.

Not all profiles will work using this. Nevertheless, it supports much more than the official flash version does, and shows each profile in more detail.

It is not designed to be a complete profile audience within the first place. It’s meant to be more of a preview. a much larger preview compared to the flash variation provides.

It is an very early release. We tried to squash any pests I possibly could find, but I know you will see some that I never noticed, or that only happens on a browser I did not test on that I missed, or. If you discover a bug, or have suggestion. Please upload an issue that is new.

If you know your way around JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Feel free to edit your local content of the script to complement the colors, design, etc. to match your choices. I do intend to make many of the aspects configurable, over time.

The user’s age, it’s highly possible that the number shown may be off by a year because of the strange way Chatango stores. This will be fixed as time goes on.

Advantages on the flash variation

  • The overlay will immediately scale to match the screen and content. If the screen is wide and tall, the overlay will be wider, as well as the height that is maximum be taller.
  • A lot more of the user’s mini profile shall be shown. The content shrinks to match smaller windows. It nonetheless, will not develop to fill the entire area that is possible.
  • The profile image shown may be the individual’s full image, not the thumbnail, and scales to the initial measurements. Until you have high-speed/fiber/etc. internet, this will create a slower loading time in the pictures.

If you do l k for a bug, please let me know about this by posting a fresh problem. When publishing a presssing issue, are the title and variation ( if possible) of one’s browser, plus the name for the UserScript manager (GreaseMonkey, TamperMonkey, etc.) that you are making use of.

Recommendations? Concerns? Feedback?

Many users do not have idea essential these is to a designer!

You are able to publish problem for recommendations, questions, and feedback alike. They do not should be issues that are actual! It is recommended to tag these, but if you don’t understand how, that’s perfectly fine. Better to post it without any tags than to not upload it at all.

In the event that you’d instead perhaps not upload an issue that is public I’d be happy to know your feedback/questions/suggestions. Forward me personally a private message on Chatango, my primary account is Hazerd. I always keep this account in the chatango app, so I get immediate notifications. If I don’t reply right away, I’ll reach it once i’ve an opportunity. Whether it’s been a bit, just decide to try re-sending the message. Odds are I recently never ever first got it.

  1. Install a UserScript manager for your browser. GreaseMonkey and TamperMonkey are two choices that are popular.
  2. Go to the Greasy Fork Page and then click the Green “Install this script” switch.
  3. This task differs on your own manager. But generally speaking, there must be a switch to set up the script.


Brings the mini overlay from the legacy flash version of Chatango to the brand new HTML5/JavaScript version