Recon-ng is really a reconnaissance tool by having an user interface just like Metasploit.

Operating recon-ng from the demand line, you enter a shell like environment where you can configure choices, perform recon and output brings about different report types.

This short article is updated October 2019 to reflect the changes in variation 5.

Recon-ng Installation

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Usually used in combination with the Kali Linux penetration evaluating circulation, installing within Kali is just a simple matter of apt-get improvement && apt-get install recon-ng . Modify Kali to ensure latest dependencies installed.

For all looking for the latest rule on Ubuntu, the process ‘s almost because simple. Make sure you have git and pip set up.

Next to run recon-ng;

The Recon-NG console has become packed.

Using recon-ng

From the console it is easy to get assistance and get started along with your recon.

On your first load of recon-ng note the message below. You begin with an empty framework.

As shown within the assistance menu the market: Interfaces using the module marketplace to choose and select modules you need.

Just how to:

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Firstly lets utilize the hackertarget module to gather some subdomains. This utilizes the API and search that is hostname.

Install module

Syntax to install is marketplace hackertarget that is install seen below.

Load module

Set source

Now set the origin . Currently set at default (see below)

Syntax options set PROVIDER

I’m using as an example domain simply because they have posted bug bounty program and Tesla’s are cool.

Use command – information – which shows “Current Value” changed to

We can see if we use input

Run the module

Type run to execute the module.

Show hosts

Now we have begun to populate our hosts. Typing show hosts will provide you with a listing of the resources found.

Add API keys to Recon-ng

It’s a matter that is simple add API secrets to recon-ng. Shodan having a professional account is just a recommended choice. Letting you query ports that are open your discovered hosts without delivering any packets to the target systems.

.recon-ng configuration files

When you install recon-ng in your machine, it creates a folder in your home directory called .recon-ng. Contained in this folder is keys.db . If you should be updating from one version to some other or changed computers, while having past modules that want keys to get results, copy this file through the old version on your own system and go it on the brand new one. There is no need to start yet again.

Recon-ng Marketplace and Modules

Typing market search shall display a list of most of the modules. From where you could begin following a white bunny checking out and having much deeper into recon and open source intelligence.

Here once more the help comes in handy market help shows commands for eliminating modules, how to find more information, search, refresh and install.

The help demand from in just a loaded module has different choices to your worldwide ‘help’. Whenever you are prepared to explore more modules use ‘back’.

This help menu brings extra commands such as:

  • goptions: Manages the global context options
  • reload: Reloads the loaded module
  • run: Runs the loaded module
  • script: Records and executes command scripts


Recon-ng is a effective device that are further explored by viewing through the list of modules. The assistance in the console is obvious, and with a little bit of playing around it won’t take very long to become an expert.

Once you begin to be knowledgeable about the design regarding the device, you will discover choices such as for example workspaces that allow you to segment predicated on organization or network.

The increase of bug bounties lets you play with brand new tools and explore Organizations’ online dealing with impact. Have a great time. Do not break the rules.